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Triflim, training in food law through an innovative methodology

Food safety can be promoted and protected through the dissemination of the knowledge necessary to keep it intact, thus allowing the learning and development of knowledge of those sectors obliged to obey these laws. There is also a significant need to modernize higher education to keep up with globalization and technological advances in Europe. The TRIFLIM project (Training in Food Law through an innovative methodology using new information and communication technology tools) meets these needs and also contributes to the professional development of technicians and professionals in the agri-food sector and related industries.


The TRIFLIM project, which we coordinate at AINIA, lasts for two years and is aimed at ensuring food safety and the protection of consumer rights in the European Union. Better knowledge of food law by the target groups will not only improve the level of food safety, but will also increase their awareness of fair information practices, thus helping consumers in the European Union to make better decisions and not misleading information.


Designing and implementing a training program on the food regulatory framework of the European Union and national legislation, deepening and providing theoretical and practical knowledge about this framework that will help in compliance with the law, is the main objective of the project.

Specific objective 1: To create a training programme adapted to needs and working environment of the experts in food law: an e-learning programme using the latest ICT tools.

Specific objective 2: Product validation through a pilot experience: the developed programme must be validated through a pilot experience that will be taken in place in different countries. The audience will represent people whose profiles are similar of the target groups profiles of the course.

Specific objective 3: Dissemination, sharing and promotion activities through appropriate methodologies to increase the impact in the agri-food sector.


We are developing an innovative electronic learning program (e-learning) on European Union food law within the field of professional training that, in this case, we will carry out using innovative tools in the field of information and communication technologies and designing gamification aspects that improve the educational experience.

e-learning space

Access our e-learning platform

As a result of the triflim project, an online training platform based on Moodle will be developed. All the contents have been developed collaboratively by the team of project partners and are available from this platform.


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